The Sino-Soviet Confrontation

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Harris, Lawrence H.
Savannah (Ga.)
Chatham County (Ga.)
African American universities and colleges--Georgia—Savannah
International relations
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An analytical view of the relations of Communist China (C. P. R.) and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (U.S.S.R.) over the past two decades would confirm that these former Eillies and leading Communist powers are engaged in a fierce ideological, political, and economic struggle that has strategic overtones, which in time could lead to a major war. The positioning of Chinese armies and armored Soviet divi- sions' on the Sino-Soviet borderland and the reports of border incidents in past years near Mongolia and the Chinese northwest province of Sinkiang confirm the bitterness of the relations between these giant powers. In addition, countless vitriolic press attacks have been made by the Soviets against the Chinese, and the Chinese against the Soviets, each accusing the other of deviationism and other ideological heresies. The hostility of the Russians and the Chinese is manifestly both strategic and ideological in character.