Far Infrared and Raman Studies on The O-H---O Bond Stretching Vibrations in Crystals

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Ananthanarayanan, Venkataraman
Savannah (Ga.)
Chatham County (Ga.)
African American universities and colleges--Georgia—Savannah
Hydrogen bonding
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The bond stretching force constants and the frequencies of the O-H—O bonds in selected crystals where precise experimental deter- minations of the hydrogen positions by diffraction methods are available, were calculated theoretically by making use of the Lippincott-Schroeder potential function to test its applicability for general usage. Experiments in the medium and far infrared regions (100 - 700 cm -^) on these crystals were carried out to locate the hydrogen bond stretching frequencies. These data along with the Raman Spectral data, collected from the literature as well as from our ex- periments, are discussed in relation to the calculated frequencies. These frequencies and force constants were also calculated on this model as a function of O-H—O bond lengths between the limits 2.4 to 3.0A and in intervals of 0.1 A. These results are presented in the form of a table which may be used to approximately determine these quantities as a function of bonded distance. The experimental results show that the potential function used seems to be satisfactory in predicting the hydrogen bond stretching frequencies.