Dancing with Nature: Being Human

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Marriott, Karla-Sue C.
Savannah State University
Mixed media
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I started out dabbling just for fun. I needed something different to do outside of my profession as a chemist. If anything is to be fun, there has to be freedom, no limitations, and no time constraints. So, in January 2010, I decided to try painting with acrylic on canvas. I did not know what to paint and I didn’t know how to paint. So, I decided I would try abstract. Abstract eventually evolved into me painting images that represented feelings. In October 2013, I challenged myself with portraits. My very first portrait titled “Hemingway” was a blissful experience, during which I painted energized all night long until morning for four days straight while on Fall break. With that experience, I knew there was no turning back. In January 2014, I stepped out into my backyard, I looked up, and I saw images formed by the clouds ……I fell in Love. That initiated my first piece inspired by Nature titled “Heavenly Love”. I am a self-taught, freehand painter. “Once you have tasted the taste of sky, you will forever look up” Leonardo Da Vinci. Ever since then, I have been caught up in a Dance with Nature. My second piece from Nature is titled “Zoe: Life on Fire”. I have come to realize that I am in school again, and my teacher is Nature. My classroom is everywhere and my curriculum is everything. I observe birds, insects, trees, flowers, animals, people etc. closely, appreciating Everything! I automatically make connections, become curious, and I’m driven to study and learn more about history, philosophy, physics, chemistry, biology, neuroscience, psychology, animal behavior, cultures, spirituality, religion...etc. My studies are relative to my observations. By watching Nature, taking pictures and painting what I see and Love, I am being schooled by Nature. Visual Art fills the gap between words and theories. A whole image is created. I tune into Nature and I dance. Nothing external exists while I paint, only a natural instinct within. In a dimension where time does not exist, but timing is everything, Nature is my guide, and the dance is a never-ending spiral. Through close observation we can learn and experience Nature with all our senses and remember what it feels like to be human. Nature reminds me how to be human. I paint each piece with complete admiration, a labor of love at a very slow pace, trying to capture in detail the beauty I see in Nature. I will never capture perfectly, and that is a part of the beauty. However, I always strive for perfection. The imperfections within my paintings are like surprise gifts to be perceived differently by all, uniquely mine, and I fall in Love with them as well. The whole process begins, is fueled and ultimately ends with Love. Some paintings to be exhibited will include: Tiger, Nubian, Honeydew, Moonlight, Sunset, Hemingway, Professor, Sacred Feminine, Heavenly Love, Zoe: Life on Fire, Reproduction 360, Emerald Heart, Sunrise: Opposites Unite, Sealed. Paintings completed during 2012-2015.
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