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    Rediscover Your Institution’s History: Using an Institutional Repository to Highlight Special Collections Materials
    (2016-10-06) Johnson, Autumn; Kirkley, Sarah M.; Savannah State University
    The launch of Savannah State’s Institutional Repository, Tiger Scholar Commons, coincided with the university’s 125th anniversary. When launching this repository, librarians Autumn Johnson, Sarah Kirkley, and library assistant Ann Ogden, used the opportunity to highlight some of the university’s Special Collections materials, such as photographs, yearbooks, newspapers, and faculty publications. These collections showcased the institution’s unique history as the first public historically black college in Georgia and were used in publications, social media campaigns, and even undergraduate work. This exceptional response during the quasquicentennial celebration led to renewed interest in Special Collections and established the repository as a valuable resource for the university.
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    Growing a Liaison Program
    (2013-11-14) Baker, Camilla; Johnson, Autumn; Johnson, Melissa; Georgia Regents University
    Librarians at a newly consolidated university will discuss how they transplanted the concept of embedded librarianship from their health sciences colleagues to the university library, in order to cultivate relationships with the library and nurture the campus culture.
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    Information Literacy/Information Architecture: Lessons Learned from a Card Sort Exercise
    (2013-08-23) Feher, Virginia; Mears, Kim; Johnson, Autumn; Georgia Regents University
    This presentation will illustrate how to gather and correctly interpret assessment data with a card sort exercise in order to create a user-centered website that can effectively support information literacy initiatives, whether for a library website or for any educational website. The presenters will explain different types of card sort exercises, describe how they executed a card sort exercise, how they collected and analyzed the data, and discuss the results. In addition, the presenters will share lessons learned, such as what worked well, what went wrong, and what they would do differently for future card sort exercises and web site assessment projects.
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    Use That Guide to Your Advantage: LibGuides as the Catalyst to Flipped Learning Opportunities
    (2014-09-29) Rech, Nikki; Savannah State University
    Libraries use LibGuides for subject guides and instruction so often that many can throw one together in a couple hours, giving little thought to design and the power of the tool. However, that humble LibGuide can help create the perfect launching pad to flip portions of instruction, allowing students to take on some of the learning responsibility themselves. This frees instruction time for more complex tasks and active learning opportunities. This poster visually guides librarians through easy methods of editing and preparing LibGuides for the flipped classroom model. Through infographics, printed screen shots, and easy to follow charts, the poster provides a check-list to help determine which skills/learning objectives will work best with this model, along with suggested active learning assignments that can be assigned to students before or during the instructional session. An overview of suggested technology/tools will help librarians find new methods to add spice to their own guides and make them more interactive. Finally, “Use That Guide to Your Advantage” illustrates how flipping instruction supports the new ACRL framework (as it stands right now), and highlights real work examples where the guide has been created and shared with a class before the instructional session with great success.
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    Transitioning ILL Platforms: ILLiad to WorldShare
    (2015-05-14) Kirkley, Sarah M.; Tong, Fang; Asa H. Gordon Library, Savannah State University
    Choosing an interlibrary loan platform that works best for your library can be a challenge, and there are many factors to consider, such as cost, functionalities, volume of requests, and more. This presentation will share the experiences of Asa H. Gordon Library in our transition from ILLiad to WorldShare. Our presenters will discuss the challenges and rewards associated with implementing a new system as well as offer best practices for continuing to serve an academic community during a transition.