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    • Sustainable transportation infrastructure investments and mode share changes: A 20-year background of Boulder, Colorado 

      Henao, Alejandro; Piatkowski, Daniel P.; Luckey, Kara S.; Nordback, Krista; Marshall, Wesley E.; Krizek, Kevin J. (Elsevier Ltd, 2015-01)
      This case study examines transportation infrastructure investments along with data revealing mode share in order to highlight correlations between investments in sustainable transportation infrastructure (‘supply’) and ...
    • Using Inductive Loops to Count Bicycles in Mixed Traffic 

      Nordback, Krista; Piatkowski, Daniel P.; Janson, Bruce N.; Marshall, Wesley E.; Krizek, Kevin J.; Main, Deborah S. (2011-10)
      Inductive loops are commonly used for bicycle detection both on- and off-street, but until recently, few such detectors were able to differentiate between bicycles and motor vehicles. For this reason, automated bicycle ...